Bon Voyage


How does one say goodbye?Is there even a correct way to say it?Will there ever be right words to say goodbye?What’s even the right time say goodbye?I never like saying goodbye although i know it is necessary.It always breaks my heart each time i turn my back away and walk away.

When will we meet again?I long for that day eagerly.I have learned the best way to say goodbye is actually not saying it.Absence in the physical doesn’t mean one is truly away,we always carry a piece of each other in our hearts and so we are always present even when we are gone.So i replace my good bye with i love you.

“This is not goodbye
I know we’ll meet again
So let your life begin ’cause
This is not goodbye
It’s just ‘I love you’ to take with you
Until you’re home again
The stirring in your soul has left you wondering
Should you stay or turn around
Well just remember that your dreams they are a promise
That you were made to change the world
So don’t let fear stop you now ’cause”Sidewalk prophets 

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