I desire true love

I desire genuine friendships

I desire meaningful conversations

I desire honest concern for one’s being

I desire deep, authentic relationships with my family, friends and loved ones

I desire to smile and laugh from the depth of my heart

I desire to love, work and live as if there is no tomorrow

I desire peace and happiness everyday

I desire to dance in the rain

I desire to breathe the morning air a little deeper than usual

I desire to have no motive behind my actions other love of God and people

I desire to hug people tighter

I desire to enjoy a bowl of blueberry ice cream today

I desire to inspire and encourage anyone who needs it

I desire to sit with a street person for a day just to have a meaningful conversation and walk in their shoes

I desire to lie on the grass and watch the clouds and sun pass by

I desire to tell the whole world how much God loves them unconditionally

I desire a familiar relationship with Papa God

I desire to dance with my king Jesus

I desire to play and share deep secrets with my sweet Holy Spirit

All I desire is a deep, rich, authentic and genuine life every day.


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  1. Bianka says:

    Beautiful.There are very few genuine things that have remained in this world.Genuine people and things are very rare.

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