I have always thought that make-up is an art. I have always been fascinated how it completely transforms the face of a person. I have seen make-up artists transform their faces from one person to another by using make-up. I mean it is mind blowing. Or is it?

I started wearing make- up when I entered University. Initially I would only use a cream called fair and lovely but since its white and I am dark skinned it would leave my face looking white. Not a pleasant look trust me.

I later found out about powder foundation which was almost my skin colour. Oh happy day! A little later on I found out about mascara. I have never really been that crazy about lip colour but I loved my red lip colour a lot. I usually wore it on pretty special occasions. My other favourite make-up tool is the eyeliner. I loved how the black eyeliner magnified my eyes.

I loved make-up, however I knew deep within my heart that there is a thin line between wanting to look presentable and changing your face completely.

  1. It has made us not appreciate our real selves

There is a time when I had been wearing my eye liner every day. On the day I decided to stop, I felt insecure. It was like my beauty depended on it. In that moment I knew I had gone too far and purposed not to wear it for a while till I got my footing again.

Without make-up I get this feeling of not being myself, it’s like I am not okay. Since am still new in this thing, I experience these feelings a lot. When did make-up become the real me? When did I stop appreciating how God made me? This is the brainwashing act that make-up has done to most of us ladies.

  1. It is very seductive and alluring

I recently got a desire to enhance my make-up game. I mean I would look at the make-up artists on youtube and be amazed. I had to reach that level of perfection in this ‘art’.I was beginning to consider upgrading to better make up and more products like ‘on flick eyebrows’ something I did for the first time one Sunday recently. You should have seen the look on my twin sister’s face. Total disapproval! I ignored her though.

Make-up has made us believe one can only be beautiful if they have make-up. Now as I look at it from this side I am noticing things I had never seen before. Make-up is like a seductive woman luring you in before she makes her kill. With make-up before you know it you will have to give –up most of your money to get it, become vain and become insecure.

So what triggered the change?

This must have been the turning point for God because the next week or two weeks later I got to hear about GOD’S THOUGHTS ON MAKE-UP. I believe this came up because God saw I was about to get in deep and thought of stopping me before going too far.

Let me share with you my initial thoughts. As a person I used to think I am not that hooked on make –up and after all I was not overdoing it like some girls I see. This is pride in itself.

As I listened to the message I literally refused to take it. I was like “NO WAY, REMOVE ALL OF IT?

In that moment I realized how much I loved the things of the world (make-up) and how deep I was into it. An insightful verse that struck me in that moment was

1 John 2:15- 16 “Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh, the desires of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not from the Father but from the world.”

  1. Wearing make-up is bearing false witness of who we are as God made us

Make-up is a false façade. It is not who we are and so each person that we meet, sees a person that is not the real us.

I hear men make all types of jokes about make-up. A famous one was that guy who sued the wife for false pretenses when he found out she was ‘ugly’. Funny right but think about it? If you bought a Range Rover and they delivered a Subaru instead wouldn’t you sue for this?

Then aren’t we lying to the world about who we are? The skin shade, the eyebrows, eyelashes, lip colour, hair and so on are not ours.

  1. Make-up is a small ‘god’

Now the most disturbing reason and a great reason for you to stop wearing make-up is the fact that, we have become so dependent on make-up to be beautiful that it has taken the place of a small god. It is our everything. Some have gone as far as never allowing their husbands to see their real face (Surely this sounds like a prisoner’s life).

It’s like it no longer serves us but we serve it. No wonder we are accused of being unfaithful to God when we engage in these act of vanity (Hosea 2:13).

Our security of beauty comes from it. Many of us are afraid if our boyfriends and husbands see us without make-up they will leave us for the next prettier girl who has make-up on.

What will it be for you?

Is make-up really worth it then if we have to be a slave to it? Is it worth when all it does is make us insecure to show the world our real faces? Is make-up worth it when all it does is damage our skin? Is make-up worth it when it really makes us break God’s heart?

Think about it.

Are you curious to know what God thinks of make-up? Does He even care about make-up? Is He or isn’t He for make-up? What is the source of make-up? Are there consequences for wearing make-up?

Well stay tuned as in my next post I share with you God’s thoughts on make-up. God bless you all and please share with a fellow lady out there.

Picture credit: Pinterest,Modify lifestyle,Nikki’s tutorials on you-tube,Make-up in India and Spinditty.


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