So people always say they heard God speak to them. Being a curious person I have always wanted to know what God’s voice is like. No one really explains this to you well. When Mark Virkler explained the FOUR KEYS TO HEARING GOD I finally knew what the voice of God was like.

The voice of God is a thought in our minds.

That simple. Most times people don’t know this because we have thoughts all the time. Look, your own thoughts are logical and rational as that’s how we think as humans. Things that make sense to us.

The devil’s voice makes you feel small and terrible about yourself. The devil’s voice is easy to spot because these thoughts leave us feeling down and sad as are very mean.

Now, God’s voice in your mind is unique,gentle  and most times is in line with the word of God.

God’s voice is unique and in line with God’s word. It does not contradict it.

For example

The devil’s voice may say “you are nothing!”

Your own voice will say “I will be something maybe if I work hard and get a good job”.

God’s voice will say “you are loved or I love you or you are enough as you are.”

So what are some of the ways God communicates to us in our thoughts:

1.A Flowing thought

Mark explained the voice of God is like a flowing thought in our minds. This means it’s not something you are trying to think about or remember but a thought that is flowing out of your mind without your thinking it.

I had,had this experiences before but didn’t know what it was till Mark explained it.An example I can give is recently after starting to work, I was feeling my life getting too busy and told God “I feel my life is moving very fast and I am losing my focus on you my love. Please help me find balance and know how I can include you in my day”.

Instantly I received a reply and the voice sounded firm and serious when it said “It’s really not about you fitting Me in your busy schedule and tagging Me along everywhere you go. It is really about you fitting in my plan for you each new day, where you ask me, ‘what would you have me do today, my Lord?”

2.A thought based on actual scripture

Another unique aspect about God’s voice is most times it quotes actual scripture even if you do not know it. Once I was seeking God’s guidance about taking on a particular job. So the response that was received was “Tell Ruth if she decides to take this job to know that I bless faithfulness in the small things.” At this time I did not know it but this was an actual scripture which I came to learn later. It was Luke 16:10 “Whoever is faithful with very little will also be faithful with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.”

God’s voice may use scripture to speak and if not the words are in line with scripture.

3.A profound and wise thought

God’s voice is a profound word or message. It may speak of simple things we think are too simple while are important to God. An example is a lady who was told “Finish washing the dishes.” On the face of it, it looks too simple or easy but the main message was ‘you need to learn to finish what you start’.

Secondly the other profound way is His voice maybe a bit complex yet understandable to you. The point is the words will stand profound to you, as you are sure in your normal mind you would not have thought of them.

God’s voice is very profound. Words you would never have thought of.

4.The conversational thought

The other way that I have heard God speak in my mind is in a friendly and conversational manner. These times I call having Conversations with God. An actual back and forth as if I was speaking with a friend. These times are so certain in the sense that I don’t feel as if i am talking to myself but an actual exchange of words. These are dear to me as I enjoy speaking to Jesus as a friend and experiencing His funny side. These thoughts are funny,light-hearted and sweet.

God’s voice other times comprises of a friendly conversation.

5.A kind,correcting thought full of love

The other aspect of God’s voice in your mind is it is sweet and not judgmental .I remember last year when I had slipped into a sin that I had been avoiding for a whole year, I could not stop condemning myself and being so displeased at what I had done. That day when I heard God speak He did not mention the sin I had done but tried to explain to me why it had happened. He was correcting me but I have never felt so loved and not judged while in the midst of a correction.

God’s voice is not judgmental at all. It corrects someone in love.

6.The gut feeling

To the world at large the voice of God is often referred to as “that gut feeling” or “my conscience didn’t feel right”.

To the world God’s voice is “that gut feeling”.

7. God’s unlimited ways of speaking to us

Lastly God is not limited to our thoughts or gut when He speaks to us.

The God of surprises and infinite ways of communication.

He can speak to us in various ways some of which even our own minds cannot fathom. I have seen visions and dreams,love hearts in the sky,smelled a beautiful scent out of the blues,felt a literal blanket of love on my skin among others.

Therefore,hearing from God can be an actual audible voice,the voice of another human who God is speaking through, visions,dreams and so much more.His ways are mind blowing because they are beyond our capacity of thinking.

Do not put God in a box, allow Him to surprise you with His infinite ways of communicating with you and reaching you with His love.

The truth is all of us have heard the voice of God it happens to be differently. For the one who accepts Jesus Christ as their personal savior by receiving His gift of salvation, this voice not only remains to be ‘that gut feeling’ but it becomes as personal as the voice of your love. So near and close.A voice you can identify in the dark or in the midst of a crowd.

This happens once you accept Jesus Christ into your life. Only then do you begin an eternal relationship with your heavenly Father. And Father’s do speak to their children don’t they? Today say yes to the love of your life Jesus Christ. God bless you all.

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    Thanks alot for this powerful and insightful post am so blessed. God bless you mightily Ruth and keep up the great work..

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