WARNING: Women in the Church:How God wants us to dress

Dear lovely ladies.

I pray you have been well.

Our dear Lord God loves us so much,the reason He is giving us this warnings before it is too late.Please ladies know that as i pass this messages they are not only addressed to you but me too as you already know my struggle to make this changes.He is disciplining us in His ways because He loves us (Hebrews 12:6).

He does not want any of us to be left behind or miss eternity.He is calling us all into repentance and holiness if we are to see Him.

We are living in the last moments of the last days and He is just about to come.

Please please i beg us all let Him find us ready.Lord God have mercy on all of us.

I bind every demonic power and assignment from the evil one that will prevent us from receiving this loving warnings from our Lord Jesus.

I thank God for the mercy He has shown us all to give us this warning to all women.

Thank you for your mercy Lord,who are we that you so graciously correct us.


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