Courage to leave my bed this morning

Courage not to be a busy body on social media in an attempt to forget my troubles or hide from God

Courage to open up my heart to my Father in Heaven and face that which is honestly bothering me

Courage to take that baby step even when all my legs seem to do, is shake uncontrollably

Courage to change my normal routine even when it terrifies me

Courage to admit that I am weak and actually struggling in some areas in my life

Courage to admit that I do not know everything and I do not have it all together

Courage to face my fears face to face even when all I want to do right now is run

Courage to let go of the one I love even when I am not ready to say goodbye…..just yet

Courage to explore new possibilities that the world has to offer even when that future remains uncertain

Courage to smile like a child

Courage to enjoy this life that our loving Papa gave us so generously

Courage to give God all my fears that paralyze me

Courage to make that phone call even when my mind comes up with a million reasons why I shouldn’t or better yet “Do it tomorrow”

Courage to ignore the vile thoughts that haunt me in the day and night

Courage to believe that God actually has a good plan and will reveal it in His due time

Courage to breathe in and out with gratitude in each breathe

Courage to leave my bubble that seems to be safer than the real world

Courage to look at the world from God’s perspective and not my distorted view

Courage to say no to the things that do not bring God glory and honour

Courage to love again…one day, without fear of being hurt

Courage to accept myself as I was created by God

Courage not to compare myself with other people

Courage to have courage in all that I do but most importantly

Courage to trust in God with my life 100%.

Let go Ruthie, God is in control.

Picture credit:Malini Parker, soulseeds.wordpress.com

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