1.By the earth’s clock we are 29 yrs old today yet before we came on earth we already existed? So how old are we really?

2.Who are we that you our dear Lord God conceived us in Your loving heart way before the creation of this earth?

3.On that note,how comes you made us two?Was it a double double day in your heart?

4.Speaking of double double,do you love as twice as much or do you split your love into two?Which is which? 🙂

5.Being a Father to all people on earth, do you celebrate all our birthdays in heaven every day?

6.If you do celebrate them, do you eat cake every day in heaven and how many cakes are those?


7.Following up on the same query, is the sugar content and calorie count of the cakes an issue of concern in heaven?

8.Sweet Jesus do you celebrate your birthday and when is your true birthday?

9.Does Papa and dear Holy Spirit have birthdays too?

10.What gifts do you have for us this new year?

Thank you Papa for bringing us this far.It is truly an honor and privilege to still walk Your earth today and do so with my lovely twin sister,Naomi Nzioka.

As we begin our new year may our eyes remain focused on the One who started it all and will be the end of it,Our sweet Father in heaven.


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  1. karanja marigu says:

    happy birthday new friend

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